Scot T. Neudorff

Before he became an attorney himself, Attorney Scot T. Neudorff worked as a legal assistant/paralegal at a general practice firm. While there, he learned many practical skills relating to how to put cases together and how the legal system works.

Scot went on to earn his own law degree at California Southern Law School. He realized while working for other attorneys how much they can help people every day, and he finds the practice of law to be a personal fulfilling career.

History of Excellence

In the time he has been practicing law, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney Scot T. Neudorff has already been recognized for his outstanding legal work. The Expert Network granted him the Distinguished Lawyer Award in 2016.

He also earned awards for Client Customer Service from Avvo, as well as multiple Client’s Choice Awards the latest in 2017. His ability to be noticed is proof of his dedication and commitment to his clients.

Community Attorney

Besides his day-to-day work helping his clients, Orange County Attorney Scot T. Neudorff is heavily involved in the legal community. He belongs to both the Orange County and the San Bernardino County Bar Associations, and he is a member of the California DUI Lawyers Association.

More importantly, he gives back to his community. Southern California Attorney Scot T. Neudorff believes that everyone deserves help even if they come from a less privileged background, and he volunteers his services at no cost through San Bernardino County Legal Aid.

A Track Record which Speaks for Itself

Southern California Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney Scot T. Neudorff treats every case as if it is the most important case in the world. He can show you cases which seemed difficult, but during which he overcame obstacles and prevailed in the end.

Even before the trial, Attorney Scot T. Neudorff will file motions which work to protect your rights. Sometimes he earns dismissals, or a reduction to a much better charge. He cannot promise the outcome on any case, but he makes the State work hard.

Attorney Scot T. Neudorff keeps his clients’ interests in mind throughout the entire process. He keeps in contact with them, updating them immediately if there is news. If you want someone who really works for you, call Law Offices of Scot T. Neudorff today for a free consultation.

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